Antillean Sailing Yacht, Read recent guest reviews

The Virgin Islands, for 6 guests

Antillean Sailing YachtAntillean Sailing Yacht
“So special and so fun! Thanks for showing us a view of the Virgin Islands from a native’s viewpoint and knowledge. Information and experience with a fun flair attached- along with delicious food every day, every meal! The food was spectacular, the locations amazing and the generosity to take us where we wanted to go- all wonderful. We had an awesome, amazing time on Antillean Sailing Yacht!”

I met the charming owner-operators of Antillean Sailing Yacht at November’s charter yacht show in St Thomas USVI. They are longtime residents of the Virgin Islands and very excited about their new yacht and all they have to offer.
Antilles Sailing Yacht- Dolphin Antilles Sailing Yacht- Dolphin
Matthias and Amber have quite a varied background. Matthias was born and raised on a sailboat off of St Thomas. You cannot get much more local than that! He has spent his life fishing, snorkeling, diving and sailing around the Caribbean. Amber grew up in Maine and Florida, with all that being on the water there entails. She also has obtained her captain’s license, and one of her more extraordinary activities is Fire Dancing on the beach, as well as creating new dishes for guests!

Antillean Sailing Yacht- lobster! Antillean Sailing Yacht- lobster!
Your freshly caught lobster makes for an extra special dinner! Antillean has now added diving on board!!! The possibilities for a fresh catch dinner are endless..

Antillean Sailing Yacht- Surf & Turf Antillean Sailing Yacht- Surf & Turf
Beautifully presented cheese and crackers serve as the perfect snack after a long day of snorkeling…

Antillean Sailing Yacht- Cheese & Crackers Antillean Sailing Yacht- Cheese & Crackers
Guests dining alfresco in the cockpit for lunch in the Caribbean sun…What are you waiting for?

Antillean Sailing Yacht- lunch in the cockpit Antillean Sailing Yacht- lunch in the cockpit
“This has been a most awesome anniversary adventure. Even before we boarded you sought to cater to our every need and desire. It was wonderful to feel comfortable and confident in you both from the moment we boarded the Antillean. The two of you work together well and catered to our every desire. Matthias, your lifelong sailing experience alleviated all anxiety with this new adventure. Amber, your meals were not only delicious but beautifully presented. Thank you is inadequate. We wish you the best with Antillean. -Larry and Kim Bennet”

Antillean Sailing Yacht- Bruschetta Antillean Sailing Yacht- Bruschetta
Monohulls are an exceptionally good choice price wise for chartering, and Antillean Sailing Yacht is no exception price wise. Fully Crewed and Inclusive rates for 7 nights range between $9000 and $13800 depending on the number of guests and season. Antillean includes all activities such as Noodles, SUP (stand-up paddleboard), kneeboard, wakeboard, SCUBA diving, GoPro Hero 3, Fishing will be required to obtain a permit, Skip Ball, Football, Frisbee, SCUBA gear, kneeboard, wakeboard, and SUP are only put on the yacht for those charter guests who request them, so they do not take up your sun lounging space, ask for those in advance.

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