Crewed catamaran Starfish based in the Southern Caribbean!

Inclusive charter. 45' crewed catamaran Starfish
Catamaran Starfish

Crewed Catamaran Starfish

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon (and maybe just a wee bit of a cocktail hour!) watching Jen get her dancing shoes on! She was so persuasive she even managed to get me on the floor just a little bit. I am still looking for a clip of that to post 🙂

Starfish yacht rum

Sam took first place at the Grenada Charter Yacht Show with his designer cocktail with his Grande Rum-Anse Cocktail: Pineapple and Cranberry Juice with a splash of Coconut and Amaretto…and Westerhall Dark Rum of course. Jen took second place with her whimsical entry in the Culinary Competition, a Tamarind Basted Grand Anse Shrimp!

Tamarind Basted Grand Anse Shrimp
Tamarind Basted Grand Anse Shrimp

Their owner operated catamaran for 6 guests always takes first place in been kept immaculate, neat and bright!

No one loves the area around Grenada and the Grenadines like Jen and Sam do on Starfish.

They have decided they will take advance bookings in the Southern Caribbean from May to August 2020!!!

Guest cabin
Guest cabin on crewed catamaran Starfish

This coming season though you will find Starfish with time open in the Virgin Islands around Thanksgiving, the first week of February, the third week of March are the “hot week” openings, but we can find more room on the calendar.

Rates range between $14,500 and $16,500 for up to 6 guests for 7 nights fully crewed and inclusive.

Here’s an update I received from Sam and Jen of Starfish )

“I hope that you are rested up now (or nearly so) after your trip to the Grenada yacht show. Sam and I know what a commitment it is, both financially and timewise, to travel to the Caribbean from the Pacific and so we thank you very much for making it a priority. And a big thank you for coming to see Starfish while you were here! (* Yes, us Yacht Brokers spend time every year going to see all the yachts we offer in order to keep up on them) We really do appreciate what brokers bring to the table and I believe it is a business model that benefits guests, boats and brokers alike. 

Sam and I are excited to announce that we have decided to do a split location calendar starting with the 2019 – 2020 season. Starfish will be in the Virgin Islands (US, British and hopefully the Spanish Virgins, too, if we can get that worked out) from December 2019 to April 2020, and then in the Southern Caribbean from May 2020 to August 2020. It is anticipated that this will be our plan for the next couple of years. 

Please continue to keep Yacht Starfish in mind for your valued clients and if there is anything Sam or I can do to assist you, please let us know.”

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* Some pictures provided by Select Yachts and Starfish Catamaran