Catamaran Braveheart

Catamaran Braveheart

Charter yacht Braveheart under sail under sail

Explore the tropical wonders of the Caribbean aboard an all-inclusive, luxuriously appointed, well equipped, modern 58ft performance catamaran.

The chef tailors the gourmet menu to your personal choices of cuisine. Relax whilst sipping a Caribbean cocktail in an idyllic anchorage and enjoy the sunset.

Learn to scuba, windsurf, wakeboard, waterski, kayak, or fish, right from the boat.


Salon on Braveheart Salon on Braveheart

All 4 cabins are equal in size and accommodations. The berths are mirror images of each other side to side; the Starboard and Port Forward Cabins are the same and the Port and Starboard Aft Cabins are the same.

In addition there is a single berth on the port side midships that accommodates the 9th guest.

Braveheart has all of the modern conveniences, such as scuba compressors, water maker, ice machines, wifi, and en-suite a/c, to be self sufficient and allow us to cruise without hampering your vacation time.

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