Promenade- SCUBA BVI Staycation

BVI STAYCATION- Yacht Promenade

BVI STAYCATION- Yacht Promenade

Local Residents receive 30% discount on a short stay
BVI Staycation where residents can stay, explore, consume, and enjoy all that our islands have to offer. We invite you to bring your family and friends to indulge in Nature’s Little Secrets. Our islands are rich in history, culture and splendid beauty and what better time to get to know their lure. Throughout the year, visitors around the world travel to experience our destination, and this summer we encourage you to delight in the many amenities and activities of our Caribbean home.
BVI Staycation BVI Staycation


This offer is valid for new bookings made for stays between the 20TH of April 2015 and December 15th, 2015.


2 nights and three days accommodation (Boarding at 930 AM on First day, Disembarking after a sunset sail back to port on the third day)
All food and beverage (including meals, snacks, desserts, cocktail hour, fully stocked self serve bar)
All Linens, Beach towels, fishing gear, games, snorkeling gear, noodles- everything on a full stocked luxury charter yacht!
All Boat Toys: water skis, tubes, floating chairs, kneeboards etc (extra charge for SCUBA diving)

Bushwackers on Promenade Staycation Bushwackers on Promenade Staycation


-14′ Tender with 50 hp engine perfect for water skiing, tubing, and going back and forth to the beach!
-Sunbathe on the forward trampoline or cool off in the clear waters of the Caribbean Seas. For the more active enjoy fishing and scuba diving.
-Beach Comb on windward out of the way islands
-Snorkel out of the way places
-Sip Cocktails on our aft deck when the sun goes over the yard arm
-Watch all the brilliant stars
-Make it to all the places the ferries DO NOT go to in the Virgin Islands (After all, we have 64 islands and cays to explore in the British Virgin Islands!)
-We’ll create a tailor-made itinerary just for you, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy paradise on the water, in our local waters. Take that trip to Anegada if you want!

Promenade- SCUBA BVI Staycation Promenade- SCUBA BVI Staycation

We have a standard ample bar with alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, wine and beer. Any upgraded liquors or wines are additional. SCUBA diving is $25. pp per dive with an additional $25 if you require BC and Reg Rental, or $85 for a resort dive with an instructor if you are not certified. Crew gratuity is additional and a suggested amount based on the non discounted rate for this package will be suggested to you. Typically 15-20% of the normal fee.

Our normal rate for ten guests for this is $7817 ( 2 full nights on board, plus a half day for extra time and meals on board, plus 10% short charter surcharge)
Our normal rate for eight guests for this is $7032

Our STAYCATION rate for this for ten guests is $5500. (30% discount. Crew Gratuity is suggested additional $1170 to $1564)
Our STAYCATION rate for this for up to 8 guests is $4922. (30% discount. Crew Gratuity is suggested additional $1055 to $1406)

Promenade under Spinnaker for BVI Staycation Promenade under Spinnaker for BVI Staycation

This offer is subject to availability
Blackout dates may apply
For new bookings made from April 20th and on. Charters to be taken between April 20th and December 15th. You must be a resident of the British Virgin Islands or US Virgin Islands and show local identification. This is a net price. Your guests can be from wherever you or they like as long as you are on board.
Normal Pick up would be Road Town on Tortola. Please ask for other location pick ups.
All our normal terms and conditions apply 🙂

WE look forward to showing some of our local residents spots they have never seen before!


BVI Staycation- Salt Island BVI Staycation- Salt Island

Grenada Charter Yacht Show

IsolaBlue Catamaran at the Grenada Charter Yacht Show!

Another fabulous catamaran from the Grenada Charter Yacht Show! 

Grenada Charter Yacht Show


It is not often you see a yacht come into the private charter fleet with the aplomb that Laurent and Astrid did at the Grenada Charter Yacht Show in July 2018! Especially one that is not brand new ( this is a 2001 Privilege 49’ Catamaran). This one certainly did and IS a true stand out “hidden gem” ( I know, overused words, but …) we ALL felt like we had known them forever by the end of the week. Astrid has a smile as big as the world!

Culinary excellence award at the 2018 Grenada Charter Yacht Show! 

Since leaving the show, they speedily took on our various suggestions for presentation and equipment on the yacht into account and made it happen.

They are Swiss, so I suppose that is inevitable!

First the details: This is a luxury cruiser designed for living on the water.
IsolaBlue can take honeymoon couples up to 6 guests, and is perfect for families with a third cabin that can be twin beds.

Guest cabin

They have just put in the most modern air conditioning system imaginable with individual digital temperature controls in each cabin. Other jobs being done on the yacht while they are currently hauled out, may not be as sexy, but are definitely as important!

This is definitely going to be a yacht for “foodies” as Astrid just took first place at the culinary Competition with her tribute to Grenada.



The colors of the Grenada flag represent:
Green: Millefeuille of Goat Cheese- Salmon Candied Celery
Red: Shrimp Eggplant with Caviar Macaroons
Yellos: Scallops with and on a curry white wine sauce


Once you have finished eating your way from Martinique to Grenada, how about some SCUBA with this PADI Instructor (Laurent) and Divemaster? (Astrid)
Laurent is also an accomplished photographer, both above and below water. Doing a few SCUBA dives, all with the convenience of having a compressor and all gear on board will leave you room for the next meal!

I don’t think I have seen anyone write such gorgeous painting, pictures and accolades in a guest book as I have seen in theirs.


This is going to be a yacht and crew to watch doing charters between Martinique and Grenada as you like, with charter rates for fully crewed and inclusive for 7 nights between $12,000 & $14,500. They will even include a complimentary DISCOVER SCUBA for those who are not certified but would like to try it out or a dive for certified divers.

ISOLABLUE is a luxury floating villa that offers the best of living at sea. The highly professional crew are eager to share the magic of the islands with you. Charter this beautiful catamaran to sail with your guests in style, safety and comfort on a voyage through the enchanting Caribbean.

Contact [email protected] or give me a phone call on 734-716-0678 for immediate assistance. Their calendar will fill quickly for this coming winter season!

More Info on IsolaBlue

Lobster on Firefly. charter catamaran review

Charter Catamaran Review For Yacht Firefly!

charter catamaran review

Charter Catamaran Review

Charter yacht FireFly 46
Charter yacht FireFly 46

Here is a recent review we just received for a charter we booked with 46′ Catamaran Firefly!

“We had a remarkable vacation and attribute everyone’s satisfaction entirely to Matt and Colleen. We could not have had a better crew. Too many highlights to enumerate. The food was a high point for us all. Matt just kept those delicious, beautiful, varied meals coming and was very good about recognizing and remembering our likes and dislikes.

We would go out with them again in a second. Not enough superlatives. I would note that both of them were particularly good about being totally calm in the water. Diving and snorkeling were made easy by these two confident, caring pros. Their teamwork in all phases of the trip is also noteworthy. They complimented each other perfectly. Complaints???? The week was a little too short!”

Charter Catamaran Review for Firefly
Charter Catamaran Review for Firefly


Lobster on Firefly. charter catamaran review
He was delicious. Saturday breakfast with poached eggs.

Detailed Info for Firefly

More H2O Trips Charter Reviews

Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada

Horizon Yacht Charters in Grenada/Grenadines!

Horizon Yacht Charters

Horizon Yacht Charters

Horizon Yacht Charters

Horizon has a base in Grenada and the Grenadines with around 16 boats in their fleet, both monohulls and catamarans. Their monohulls range in size from 37-42′ and catamarans from 40-46′. Their base is located at the southern end of Grenada on the True Blue Bay.

Horizon yacht charters
Horizon office

They donated an afternoon sail and snorkel for us charter brokers at the Grenada Charter Yacht show so we could get out on the water and see the wonderful sites. It was a beautiful afternoon, with perfect clouds, and we had an opportunity to visit the Underwater Snorkeling park 🙂

Horizon Yacht Charters

Underwater Sculpture Park

Horizon Yacht Charters
This underwater sculpture park is a fairly large attraction in the water in Grenada.

Grenada Bareboat Accommodations

You can see the story of our afternoon sail and snorkel on Island Life Lagoon 420 by watching this video 🙂

Leopard 4600 Extasea 2

ExtaSea2 Leopard 4600 for Charter Caribbean

ExtaSea2 Leopard 4600 for Charter

I seem to be full of comeback stories from hurricanes. The Can do attitude that crews show ON charter can be seen OFF charter as well.

Mike and Leslie, South Africans, are also owner operators of their beautiful catamaran ExtaSea2, a Leopard 4600 with 3 queen sized cabins with private heads.

Extasea2 at the 2018 Grenada Yacht Show!
Extasea2 at the 2018 Grenada Yacht Show!

It is called Extasea 2 as Extasea 1 ALSO fell to hurricane Irma last year.

The good thing about Extasea 2 is they were able to upgrade their catamaran make and model 🙂 When they realized that they would have to replace their gorgeous charter catamaran last fall, they searched high and low for a replacement boat.

After flying a few places they finally found one in PERU. The yacht had been sitting for a year or two, so they had quite a bit of work to do on her and then they sailed it all the way back to the Virgin Islands arriving back this spring.

I stepped on board at the Grenada Charter Yacht Show in Grenada in Late July. Talk about a can do attitude, Mike and Leslie certainly have it.

Extasea2 crew
Mike and Lesley

They are some of the friendliest crew I know and offer many activities including SCUBA diving on board Extasea2. I had the pleasure of spending an entire day with them do an attraction tour around Grenada where Mike was as impressed as I was with the island.

Mike was the one who pointed out to me that the building at River Antoine Rum Distillery had been worn away by carts and trucks as in this picture from operating since 1785!

They plan on chartering down in the Grenadines and Grenada until the beginning of November and then heading back to up to the Virgin Islands for the winter season.

This is going to be a common theme with yachts now. Because of stringent insurance regulations, most are going to have to be either hauled out on land or out of the hurricane zone in the summer.


This is absolutely fine as the attractions, beaches, bars, restaurants and the PEOPLE are so wonderful. I am excited to see these islands come into their own for chartering. Do yourself a favor and GO.

Extasea2 can take up to 6 guests at fully crewed and inclusive rates between $12,000 to $15,000 with a 10% reduction for charters before the end of October, 2018.

Extasea2 Cabin
Guest cabin

Technical Details for ExtaSea2

River Antoine Estate. Grenada Rum Distillery

River Antoine Estate. Grenada Rum Distillery!

Grenada Rum Distillery

Do you ever feel like you would like to step back 250 years in history? Visit Grenada and take a tour of the River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery. You will.

If you are chartering a yacht in Grenada make sure you tack on a day to do a day tour, hopefully with ROGER of Pure Grenada.

Grenada Rum Distillery

This is a traditional working rum factory from 1785! With 99% original parts and a water wheel, done in the traditional labor intensive old ways.

This to me was a true highlight on the island tour 🙂

While living in the British Virgin Islands, I have been fascinated by ruins of rum distilleries, but the sights, smells and ambiance of a real working one was an experience I could not have imagined.

River Antoine Estate
River Antoine Estate

This company does not export their rum. Everything they make is sold as soon as it comes out on the island. The Grenadians prefer a potent overproof rum, but if a tourist is buying to take on a plane, they have to get it under 70% so it is cut with mineral water. “Tourist rum” have to love it.

Up until this century the rum was distilled in traditional large barrels but they have worn out and now it is is large steel vats.

This is the only properly functioning water propelled distillery in the western hemisphere!

Go. You will be blown away.

Visit Their FB Page!


Charter catamaran Vision

Charter Catamaran Vision with Charlie and Carolina

Charter Catamaran Vision

Vision Crew
Charlie and Carolina

Let me tell you a little story about this charter catamaran and crew.
Vision is an older Lagoon, which was looking quite a bit long in the teeth when I was on board a couple years ago.

Lets just say it was not a highlight.

I have known Charlie and Carolina since the early 2000’s when they were down working on fixing up the sailing monohull they bought (and subsequently chartered for many years) when we had the yacht we use to own and charter down in St Vincent in Ottley Hall.

We both had a long successful career in the Virgin Islands, Charlie and Carolina, with Crystal Clear, their lovingly restored yacht.

Yacht Vision Cockpit
Cockpit for charter catamaran Vision 

Our paths mainly crossed at boat shows, as we all were busy with charter guests paying off those lovingly restored boats!

Charlie and Carolina were living on Virgin Gorda when hurricane Irma came last year. They lost their house, their vehicle and sustained heavy damage to Crystal Clear.

Catamaran Vision’s owner was a friend of theirs and they took on VISION just before the winter season started. After all, they needed a job like so many others in the islands.

In the midst of the aftermath and drama of hurricane Irma, they spent a lot of time and money upgrading and tidying up Vision.

They were pros at varnishing after their classic sailing yacht!

This was one yacht that I was very interested in viewing at the Grenada yacht show, to see if they had brought it up in appearance. They certainly have!

Vision Cockpit table
Cockpit table

I had to smile looking at it this time, remembering the places were the varnish was missing the last time I was on board.

Carolina is a professional baker, and Charlie is a host extraordinaire! They had all the crew, brokers and staff singing and dancing while playing musical instruments the last afternoon of the Grenada yacht show in July. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun! These people even convinced me to dance and it has been a few years since I have done that 🙂

I have every confidence that they provide a superior chartering experience with a lively interactive crew who also knows how to be discreet when it is called for.

Yacht Vision Salon

It is still an older yacht, but excellent value. For the summer of 2018 they are offering last minute special of $2000 off in the Grenadines until August 26th and then October 20th to November 30th as well.

After that for the winter season they will be available in the Virgin Islands

Charter rates with the special range between $10,990 – $17,990 All Inclusive for 7 nights for 2-8 guests.

For the winter season rates range between $12,990 – $19,990 all inclusive although you can take a $700 reduction for picking up the yacht in the British Virgin Islands instead of the US Virgin Islands.

Various other specials are available including a Honeymoon or Anniversary Package (2 pax only): Includes chocolates, flowers, secluded beaches, discreet service and a special gift to savor the memories. Special rate of $11,900/wk all inclusive.

Technical Details for Vision

Yacht Vacation Nemo

Charter Yacht Vacation with S/Y Nemo!

Charter Yacht Vacation

S/Y Nemo Yacht Vacation

Nemo Sailing Yacht pulled into the Grenada Yacht show on the last afternoon after dropping off their charter guests. I had the chance to step on board and view it an hour later!

Neil and Sam must have worked miracles to have their lovely yacht looking and smelling so great after so soon finishing a charter! They greeted me with big smiles on their faces and I had a good chance to sit down and meet them.

Yacht Nemo crew

They strike me as a lovely couple to be on charter with with quick wits, interesting stories and very can do attitudes. This duo is sure to offer great yacht vacation memories! 

I was extremely happy to see that they offer the occasional Cabin only Sailing (where you book a cabin and spend the week with other guests you don’t know at the beginning, but are probably going to be firm friends with by the end of the week!)

Cabin Only Sailing

These yachts are very good for per cabin sailing as with 4 cabins with 4 separate heads no one has to share. They currently have two weeks in January that has space for you still to book a per cabin sailing around Grenada.

Their range for the coming season (always tentative depending on what comes in for bookings) is Dec – Mar – Grenada / Grenadines
Mar – Apr – BVI
Apr – Guadeloupe to Martinique
May – July – St Lucia to Grenada

Custom made Itineraries available 🙂

More Technical Details!

CKIM group

I ran into a friendly face on the plane, Chris Patrick of CKIM group

Chris Patrick of CKIM group

Chris was very helpful to me when I first started out becoming a serious yacht broker.

Take away thoughts from the hurricanes of 2017
Buy Travel Insurance.
No matter the time of year, No matter where you are going. This insurance should inclusive weather related circumstances or perhaps cancellation insurance! At 5- 7 of the amount you. Are insuring, this should be a no brainer for everyone.

CKIM groupWeather and Yachts! Makes sense.
We have refreshed our offerings with Squaremouth where you can compare insurance packages and pick the one that is right for you.
Or, give your charter broker the ages, and DOB’s of the clients in the group. We are happy to look it up and purchase it on your behalf.

Proportionately, I of course had more problems with BUDGET yachts last year. In some cases it took me many months to sort out money

Back, a replacement yacht, or to switch the charter dates around. As recently as May I had a yacht charter that although stated as fixed from the hurricanes, it detinitely was “not what was advertised”

It won’t stop hurricanes and weather related problems, but try and pick a charter broker who has (recently) Been on the boat you are looking at booking! This will keep to a minimum the amount of boats that might have been in their prime when Nixon was President, but the glossy brochures aren’t to be believed now.

The cheapest charters are NOT necessarily the best ones, nor is the vice versa true either.
It still often is about the crews, but we are not allowed to specify crews any more. Therefore you think you have booked a well known long term crew and you get there and you see Billy Bob and Bobby Sue on their first charter Ever asking YOU Where the best place to go is.
Typically now brokers are checking with yacht managers, How long is the crew under contract for? Where are they in that cycle? Brokers are checking with other brokers to double check on crews. Coconut telegraph moves just as quickly in our industry as it does for others.

I used to be a proponent of booking everything myself. I do now as I am a travel professional but yesterday my son was looking at booking a trip out of my knowledge and I told him to go see a travel agent.

CKIM group

Brisbane to Los Angeles to Miami to Grenada!

Brisbane to Grenada!

A lot of high profile airlines and 25 hours flying time for me to get to the Grenada boat show from Australia.
Both my flights had been cancelled last year to the boat shows in Antigua and the Virgin Islands because of Irma.
The excitement of going back to view yachts was pretty high in my mind.

As I type this I am looking out the window at the Bahamas Banks and as always, the colors bring tears to my eyes. I won’t lie, the thought of moving back to the Caribbean is appealing. Especially after being in a construction zone for the last year as my husband has been building a marina in Brisbane.

I say Marina but it is so much more then that, but that is for another blog post.

West side of Moreton island!
West side of Moreton island!

The Long flights, the canceled flight and detour in the middle of the itinerary, the no bad, and the finding a 24 hour walmart at 1 AM in Miami has all been forgotten!

The girls at Select Yachts started this small boat show a couple years ago and I have always wanted to go. I never understood why more charter yachts did not base out of the Grenadines and Grenada and especially in summer. It is much like the Virgin Islands was 25 years ago and now, their infrastructure and elegance down in the south islands may be more then the Virgin Islands is.

I believe it comes down to air lift. Surprisingly, always seems to be a hard expensive area to get into and out.

One canceled flight in middle of journey, one extra stop yesterday. One lost bag. One trip to Walmart at 2 AM to get essentials. Now on plane to Grenada and boat show!

For example, on this trip, we are taking a fam trip after the show on a 112’ motor yacht up to Bequia. Trying to rearrange my flights was fairly difficult. I tried to get up to the Virgin Islands from there to see my son on the island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, but it would have taken me plus two days. That is like going from Los Angeles north side in difference to San Francisco!

Brisbane to Grenada!
“Thank you Jesus “ and clapping. Brought a smile to my face hearing that…knew I was back in the Caribbean!

It has been since 2001 that I have “done” charters down island. I have my camera, my mask and snorkel and soft flowing August type dresses hopefully. I look forward to seeing what changes Grenada and the Grenadines has to show me. And you. Let’s take. A look in details at Grenada and the 12 charter yachts that ply the waters between Grenada and the Virgin Islands and see if I can help you find your next “perfect yacht charter location” 🙂

Sugar sand beach
Sugar sand beach….

2018 Grenada Charter Yacht Show!

Bequia. Hot tub aboard Star of the Sea

Star of the Sea 113’ 12 guests, Based in Bequia

Bequia Motor Yacht Star of the Sea

Seen at the 2018 Grenada Charter Yacht Show!

Luxury service

Jacuzzi, Pull chair, SCUBA diving, Rendez Vous Diving

Martinique, St Lucia and Grenada for jet skis

Star of the Sea
Star of the Sea

From $49,500

Star of the Sea came from the Mediterranean in 2017 and is based in Bequia full time and can charter Martinique to Grenada!

What a pleasure to have a beautiful motor yacht that takes 12 and is based year round in this part of the Caribbean!

Master cabin for Bequia yacht Star of the Sea!
Master cabin for Bequia yacht Star of the Sea!

She shows wonderfully, and being based full time from Martinique to Grenada, has an itinerary that takes in a part of the Caribbean which is not as developed and Refreshingly beautiful!

The owner and his 6 crew were totally flexible and happy to plan from 3-10 nights or longer itineraries!

They generally pick up in Bequia, off to Mayrea, Petit St Vincent, Tobago Cays, Mustique and beyond depending on guests wants and weather 🙂

Star of the Sea

The same owner has Bequia Beach Hotel in Bequia as well as Grenadine house in St Vincent.

Rima is the guest service manager for the group and her service is also very valuable in making sure the trip on Star of the Sea goes off with a hitch!

7 crew
YANN Captain- French
Indira Stewardess- Venezuela
Douglas- Bequa

Conrad is Engineer
Clinton is your chef
Senior Sous Chef at Hotel
Rema- Guest services Manager of Bequia and customer service from Star of the Sea.

Breakfast until 10:30 2-3 hours of sailing. Lunch. Then at anchor and get the toys out, kayaks, snorkeling, jacuzzi, Sun bed, use the amenities,

Chef is freelance.

Favorite anchorage is Petit St Vincent. Wide, safe, not too many

November to April to get fresh lobster. By the end of May lobster must be gone.

Bequia beach has a page on Star of the Sea



Will be in the area for next two years.

Closed season is hurricane season until Fall.

Bequia yacht Star of the SeaBequia yacht Star of the SeaBequia yacht Star of the SeaBequia yacht Star of the Sea