Promenade- SCUBA BVI Staycation

BVI STAYCATION- Yacht Promenade

BVI STAYCATION- Yacht Promenade

Local Residents receive 30% discount on a short stay
BVI Staycation where residents can stay, explore, consume, and enjoy all that our islands have to offer. We invite you to bring your family and friends to indulge in Nature’s Little Secrets. Our islands are rich in history, culture and splendid beauty and what better time to get to know their lure. Throughout the year, visitors around the world travel to experience our destination, and this summer we encourage you to delight in the many amenities and activities of our Caribbean home.
BVI Staycation BVI Staycation


This offer is valid for new bookings made for stays between the 20TH of April 2015 and December 15th, 2015.


2 nights and three days accommodation (Boarding at 930 AM on First day, Disembarking after a sunset sail back to port on the third day)
All food and beverage (including meals, snacks, desserts, cocktail hour, fully stocked self serve bar)
All Linens, Beach towels, fishing gear, games, snorkeling gear, noodles- everything on a full stocked luxury charter yacht!
All Boat Toys: water skis, tubes, floating chairs, kneeboards etc (extra charge for SCUBA diving)

Bushwackers on Promenade Staycation Bushwackers on Promenade Staycation


-14′ Tender with 50 hp engine perfect for water skiing, tubing, and going back and forth to the beach!
-Sunbathe on the forward trampoline or cool off in the clear waters of the Caribbean Seas. For the more active enjoy fishing and scuba diving.
-Beach Comb on windward out of the way islands
-Snorkel out of the way places
-Sip Cocktails on our aft deck when the sun goes over the yard arm
-Watch all the brilliant stars
-Make it to all the places the ferries DO NOT go to in the Virgin Islands (After all, we have 64 islands and cays to explore in the British Virgin Islands!)
-We’ll create a tailor-made itinerary just for you, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy paradise on the water, in our local waters. Take that trip to Anegada if you want!

Promenade- SCUBA BVI Staycation Promenade- SCUBA BVI Staycation

We have a standard ample bar with alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, wine and beer. Any upgraded liquors or wines are additional. SCUBA diving is $25. pp per dive with an additional $25 if you require BC and Reg Rental, or $85 for a resort dive with an instructor if you are not certified. Crew gratuity is additional and a suggested amount based on the non discounted rate for this package will be suggested to you. Typically 15-20% of the normal fee.

Our normal rate for ten guests for this is $7817 ( 2 full nights on board, plus a half day for extra time and meals on board, plus 10% short charter surcharge)
Our normal rate for eight guests for this is $7032

Our STAYCATION rate for this for ten guests is $5500. (30% discount. Crew Gratuity is suggested additional $1170 to $1564)
Our STAYCATION rate for this for up to 8 guests is $4922. (30% discount. Crew Gratuity is suggested additional $1055 to $1406)

Promenade under Spinnaker for BVI Staycation Promenade under Spinnaker for BVI Staycation

This offer is subject to availability
Blackout dates may apply
For new bookings made from April 20th and on. Charters to be taken between April 20th and December 15th. You must be a resident of the British Virgin Islands or US Virgin Islands and show local identification. This is a net price. Your guests can be from wherever you or they like as long as you are on board.
Normal Pick up would be Road Town on Tortola. Please ask for other location pick ups.
All our normal terms and conditions apply 🙂

WE look forward to showing some of our local residents spots they have never seen before!


BVI Staycation- Salt Island BVI Staycation- Salt Island

Yacht Zingara

Charter Grenada with 76' Catamaran Zingara!

Yacht Charter Grenada 

s/v Zingara under sail in the Virgin Islands! Charter Grenada
s/v Zingara under sail in the Virgin Islands!

Save $2000 on the inclusive rates for week charters in the Windward Islands this summer!
Valid for bookings occurring between 2 July and 15 September, 2018.

They have a Queen cabin that can be changed to 2 Twin Beds. All sheets and blankets are new, and they have luxurious comforters and bathrobes on order. All toilets are electric fresh water flush.

Mast view of Zingara
Mast view of Zingara

BVI for October through into July (and down island on request)
July/August – Grenadines.

Diving is included for certified Divers. 
All resort courses included too.
Referral O/W Certifications available 
Practical included in charter fee, PADI e-learning theory paid by guests and preferably completed before boarding.

Crew for Yacht Zingara!
Crew for Yacht Zingara!

More Info on Zingara!

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Mimzy Foredeck with water toys

Charter Yacht Special with 44' Catamaran Mimzy!

Charter Yacht Special

MIMZY is offering a charter yacht special for weekly charters booked by July 1st, 2018 and which sail by July 15th, 2018!

$ 500 OFF 4 pax charter
$ 750 OFF 5 pax charter
$1,000 OFF 6 pax charter

Free sleep aboard night before on a mooring in Red Hook!

s/v Mimzy under sail in the Virgin Islands! Charter yacht special s/v Mimzy under sail in the Virgin Islands!

Based in the Virgin islands and is still available for Xmas! Accommodates 6 guests in 3 queen cabins! Her weekly inclusive rate is $10,500- $13,750. Half Board option also available!

s/v Mimzy

Beautiful and fast, She offers 3 guest staterooms each with a queen size berth and a lovely bathroom with electric toilets and stall showers. Plenty of deck space and a lovely cockpit. 3 queen cabins with memory foam, 6’3″ headroom, each cabin has separate stall shower and electric heads.



Crew for Yacht Mimzy
Crew for Yacht Mimzy

Captain Darrin Jackson is a third generation mariner. Born in St. Thomas and raised on a boat in the US and British Virgin Islands , Darrin took to the water at an early age

Chef Julia Ray grew up in Michigan surrounded by the Great Lakes. She developed a love for boating and sailing on frequent family outings on Lake Huron and the many inland waterways that are abundant in Michigan. 

Call us today to take advantage of this offer at 1-734-716-0678

More Info Here

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Charter Yacht Special with 56' AZULIA II!

S/Y AZULIA II can charter year round in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico for up to 8 guests!

$1000 off regular rates for a 7 day charter for bookings occurring between 1 May and 15 December, 2018

Azulia II at the Tortola yacht show
Azulia II at the Tortola yacht show

Yacht Special 

Sail the tranquility of the BVI, USVI and Spanish Virgin Islands of Puerto Rico in elegance and prestige on the finest luxury catamaran in the Caribbean, the Azulia II, which is a 2015 fully equipped Lagoon 560 S2 Catamaran, perfect for a wonderful family charter!

Get to know the dazzling beauty of the Caribbeans finest islands and experience quality yachting. Discover unspoiled beaches and enjoy first class service during your luxury vacation experience.

azulia cockpit. yacht special
azulia II cockpit
azulia II queen cabin
azulia II queen cabin
Your crew on Azulia II
Your crew on Azulia II

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Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Saloon

Catamaran Review for 46' Charter Yacht Knot Anchored!

Knot Anchored Catamaran Review!

This is a catamaran review for a charter we booked with yacht Knot Anchored!

This group was originally supposed to be on Nadiya, which was not ready after the hurricanes in time for this charter so the crew, Matt and Colleen did the charter on this yacht

Catamaran review for Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands

Knot Anchored is a very nice and capable vessel. It’s condition while a little worn from the storm is very nice and an incredibly comfortable boat. While there were glitches along the way, I’m a boat owner and the key to each of those were having a crew who could deal with them without it affecting our experience.

The VI’s……they are coming back with a vengeance. Please urge your clients to book their trips and get down there with their money. While the devastation was all around us it was clear that it is coming back even stronger. The crazy and a little sad part was how not busy things were. Now is the time, get on a boat and go. Credit cards most places and plenty of places to visit.

Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Cockpit area
Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Cockpit area

Pre-Trip – Clearly I’m a longwinded guy and have no problem with sending emails or making my wishes known. Both Colleen and Matt had the option of pushing this aside or taking it for what it was and then finding a way to fit our needs inside of what they normally do. Instead they shot back, asked questions and for the first time they sent the attached (which was a day by day menu and bar list). I can tell you that being responsible for two other couples happiness this was just awesome. Funny story, I have no idea if they followed it. Never looked at it again and just knew that they understood us. It was clear immediately and kicked off the party right.
They also didn’t allow this first impression cloud their judgement when it came to the trip. We laughed about it later but they treated us like family. While I was originally a little bit of a pain in the ass, I think once they got to know us they were able to enjoy it with us.

Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Saloon
Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Saloon

Food – All I have to say is I would follow Matt anywhere he is cooking. It wouldn’t take long until I would be way to fat to follow him anywhere but in the meantime I would suggest sending any food person to follow this guy. His experience and skills are amazing. I can’t say enough about what he was able to do on this boat.
Please make note of one huge thing. Colleen and Matt had been on this boat for a total of 24 hours before picking us up. As you can imagine this is quite a feat to pick up a boat and still provide that level of service.
Day 1, one of our passengers started dealing with sea sickness. From wristbands to firing up engines to making ginger tea the crew made her feel at home.

Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, Guest Cabin
Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, Guest Cabin

Day 2, we purposely stopped and docked the boats with the plan on getting water. Unfortunately the water system was broken. The next morning (and I am NOT kidding) I watched Colleen rummage up a 5 gallon water bottle and her and Matt took turns walking a quarter mile or better to fill that water bottle 20 times to top off our tanks before heading out to Annagada. Not because we had to have water but because they knew it was an opportunity and why let it go to waste.
Day 3 the head in my bathroom started shooting out brown water from the pump and sloshing around on the floor. Naturally not being on “their” boat they had no idea when that could be fixed. Their answer was while we were on shore to have Matt spend four hours taking my head apart, then his head apart and switching my “shitty” parts for his working parts. A day later while going through lockers they found replacement parts and Matt got to do the job again so they had a working head.
The very next day our shower sump became inoperable. Matt was busy cooking something unbelievable so it was Colleen who took the system apart and fixed the system.
They guys were always a team, always together, and always positive.

At almost every stop they took their time to help us. At the baths Colleen worked as a tour guide. At most snorkel stops somebody was always in the dinghy giving advice, safety, and a ride back.
I can’t think of a single request we had that the answer wasn’t……..absolutely.

Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands

These stories can go on and on. A joke only they understand is the group of people we toured with are not shy nor quiet. We love to argue and we did. Starting with an hour over whether Billy Joel or Elton John was better and finishing with an argument over ranking Matt’s meals. (this was never agreed upon, everybody had a favorite – the funny part is whatever our lowest ranked item was we would eat again today in a heartbeat… was that good.) We are a group that loves to analyze customer service (as we live it everyday). At the end of the week……we simply have nothing to say. And that is just unbelievable. When Colleen asked for recommendations for things the boat needed…….the best we came up with was bathmats….

In conclusion, the wait at the airport gave us an opportunity to sit back and reflect. The most apt point made was from Brandon who said, “the weirdest point of this entire trip, is we just spent a week of our lives getting to know these awesome people, and when it was all done we hugged and said goodbye and we may never see them again.” While his point is very true, I don’t agree……I don’t know when but I can’t imagine returning to the VI’s without being on a boat with these two people.

Catamaran Review
Catamaran Review

Thanks for all you did to make this happen. Watch where this crew go, no matter where they land rest assured it is a home run for you and your clients.

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Santa Ana Wave 58' Catamaran on the docks in the British Virgin Islands

Yacht Review for a H2O TRIPS Charter Aboard SANTA ANA!

This is a yacht review for a recent charter we booked with catamaran Santa Ana! 

Yacht Review for 58′ Santa Ana

” We loved the whole trip from beginning to end. From our island stops to our amazing meals to our fun family (and crew) games to our comfortable cabins and beautiful weather. It was a pleasure to be on board Santa Ana! “

Delicious food choices aboard Yacht Santa Ana!
Delicious food choices aboard Yacht Santa Ana!
Guest review aboard yacht Santa Ana
Guest review aboard yacht Santa Ana

More Info on Santa Ana

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Guest Review From 62' Catamaran XENIA!

Xenia 62 yacht
Xenia 62 yacht

62′ Catamaran XENIA Review!

Wow what a week!
Here is the guest reviews

Xenia 62 Charter Fun! 62' catamaran
Xenia 62 Charter Fun!

Jason & Amy
The time of a lives! Thank you so much for the amazing week aboard,
Great advice on the mountain beach bar…lol
Y’all are the best.

David & Amber
This trip has exceeded our expectations beyond belief!
The food was amazing Tara,
Thanks Matt for taking us to some beautiful places and keeping us all safe,
Y’all are an amazing crew! Much Love!

Laine & Drew
Matt and Tara thank you for the best vacation ever!
From amazing food to gorgeous day sails to our next stunning location,
Every bit of this trip has exceeded our expectations!
Thank you for putting up with our shenanigans this week!
We Love Y’all

Brian & Courtney
The best trip of our lives!
Thank you the incredible service, memories and FUN!
Tara’s food was some of the best we’ve ever had.
Can couldn’t have asked for better tour guides
Much love to you both we’ll certainly miss our time on Xenia 62:heart:

Good times with Xenia 62

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Trimaran Trilogy under sail

51' Trimaran TRILOGY Now Chartering the Caribbean!

51′ Trimaran Trilogy

New Trimaran to the Caribbean charter yacht fleet! SV Trilogy is available for yacht charters in the Caribbean for Winter and the Mediterranean during Summer!

Her all inclusive rates during Winter is $21000-$24000 for 2-8 guests. $15,000 plus expenses for Captain only. 

Trimaran TRILOGY emerged from the French builder Neel in 2017. This bluewater yacht is in a class of her own. She is the cutting-edge option for charter guests who crave the thrill of performance sailing, but require the living space of a much larger motor yacht. 


Trimaran Trilogy under sail
Trimaran Trilogy under sail
Captain Grégory of Trimaran Trilogy
Captain Grégory of Trimaran Trilogy

Grégory Leclout grew up in La Rochelle, France. This lovely, historic, seaport on the Bay of Biscay, is coincidentally home to Neel shipyard, builder of TRILOGY. As a captain, Greg perpetuates the city’s seafaring legacy, which dates back a thousand years. Even as a small child, Greg would be out on the water, under sail with family and friends.


More Info on Trilogy

Turquoise Turtle

TURQUOISE TURTLE New to the Virgin Islands Charter Fleet!


SV TURQUOISE TURTLE will be available for a Virgin Islands charter starting late March! 

Accommodates 6 guests in 3 queen cabins with private bath with electric toilet and shower.

Take 20% OFF any charter booked to take place before July 10th, 2018
MINIMUM: 6 nights
BOOK BY: 30.APR.18
SAIL BY: 01.JUL.18

Turquoise Turtle in St Thomas
Turquoise Turtle in St Thomas

Large salon and cockpit for dining and entertainment. Two large trampolines for lounging in the sun and enjoying the fresh ocean breeze. She offers lot of water toys for young and old at heart. There is also water access from a drop down ladder on the bow.

Crew for Virgin Islands Charter yacht turquoise Turtle

Andre and Alison Stroebel are from South Africa and have been married for 32 years. They love the sea and are either on it, in it or under it. They started sailing together even before they were married and raced Hobie Cats as a hobby. Soon they started sailing larger catamarans off the unpredictable east and west coasts of South Africa. In 2011 they left South Africa on the Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro Yacht Race on their catamaran Rat Catcher, crossing the Atlantic and ending second in their class. Since then they have been cruising in the Caribbean and are excited to share their experiences with you. They are both qualified SSI Dive Masters.

More Info on Turquoise Turtle

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Sopers Hole Marina and Ferry dock at West End Tortola, British Virgin Islands

New Years Yacht Charter in the Virgin Islands!

New Years Yacht Charter

NOW is the time to book your New Years 2018/19 holiday to get a great boat and crew!

100′ Power Yacht Vitesse

100′ power yacht will be available in the Virgin Islands for the upcoming holiday season! $49,500, plus expenses. This yacht accommodates 8 guests in 4 spacious guest rooms all with en suite bathrooms! This charter yacht offers fun activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and many other fun activities!

Our blog post on Vitesse

Power yacht Vitesse
Power yacht Vitesse

Catamaran Xenia 74

Xenia 74 is the largest of the Xenia fleet. The XENIA 74 luxury charter catamaran features both luxury and comfort for a fabulous sailing adventure. Catamaran Xenia 74 is based out of the Virgin Islands and accommodates up to 8 guests!

CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS 2018/19: 1-8 pax $57,488 7 night minimum.

More Info on Xenia 74

Xenia 74
Xenia 74

67′ Catamaran Fuerte 3

s/v Fuerte 3 is based in the BVI for winter and accommodates 6 guests in 3 cabins. Her weekly inclusive rate for New Years is 1-6/$28,000 – 7 night minimum. $19,500- $21,500 for all other weeks

More Info on Fuerte 3

Charter yacht Fuerte 3
Charter yacht Fuerte 3

64′ Power Catamaran Jan’s Felion

Jan’s FeLion is a new Lagoon 64 powercat now available in the British Virgin Islands!
Xmas week & New Year week – Up to 8 guests: $40,000, all-inclusive. Ice maker, Water maker, WIFI and many more amenities! 

Jan's Felion
Jan’s Felion

63′ Power Catamaran Playtime

The Power Vessel “Playtime” will be spending the 2018 spring and summer in the Mediterranean, and making their way back to the Caribbean for the 2018/2019 Winter season. This 63′ catamaran will be available for

Xmas/ New years 2018 at a rate of $60,000 plus expenses. 

More Info on Playtime

Power cat Playtime
Power cat Playtime

63′ Power Catamaran Ultra

Ultra is a brand new Lagoon 62 built in 2017, combining performance and comfort. Ultra has an abundance of space both inside and outside, giving guests the freedom to lounge and dine in a variety of areas. 

Xmas New Years rate 1-8 pax $40,000.00, 7 nights min.

More Info on Power Cat Ultra

Power catamaran Ultra
Power catamaran Ultra

62′ Catamaran Elysium

Catamaran Elysium! The interior is air conditioned throughout and its amenities exude luxury in a perfect mix of space and light. The dynamic crew enthusiastically strive to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS: 1-7 guests @ $34,500, 7 night minimum. 

More Info on Elysium

Charter yacht Elysium, taken at the 2015 St Thomas Yacht Show!
Charter yacht Elysium, taken at the St Thomas Yacht Show!

62′ Catamaran More Amore (currently on hold)

This Robertson and Caine Leopard 62, is a beautifully appointed cruising yacht with a spacious layout. She offers 8 guests four nicely-appointed, spacious queen en-suite cabins and first-rate amenities; individual temperature controls, flat screen TV/DVD and personal heads, stall showers and vanity areas, ample storage and plenty of natural light. 

CHRISTMAS: 1-8 pax at $28,000, 5 night minimum
1-8 pax at $34,000, 7 night minimum

More Info on More Amore

Aft of More Amore at the St Thomas yacht show!
Aft of More Amore at the St Thomas yacht show!

62′ Catamaran Foxy Lady 

Foxy Lady, a first class Lagoon 620 catamaran, is available for charter in the Caribbean and is based in the British Virgin Islands, providing luxury accommodation for 8 guests, with full board and an open bar.
Come and experience the lifestyle offered in this stunning part of the world, aboard this popular sailing catamaran. 

CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS: 1-8 guests $38,000.00 – 7 night minimum.

More Info on 62′ Foxy Lady

Catamaran Foxy Lady
Catamaran Foxy Lady

62′ Catamaran Split Second

SPLIT SECOND is a beautiful 2014 Lagoon 62. She sleeps 8 guests in 4 cabins. Master cabin suite includes seating/lounge area and desk, queen size berth, large glass shower stall and separate vanity area and offers direct access to aft deck for slipping out to gaze at the stars and take a midnight dip off the stern. 

CHRISTMAS: 1-8 guests @ $37,000
NEW YEARS: 1-8 guests @ $38,000

More Info on Split Second

Charter yacht Split Second at the 2016 Tortola yacht show!
Charter yacht Split Second at the 2016 Tortola yacht show!

60′ Power Catamaran Sea Boss!

Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss  is a boss for charters both in the Bahamas in the summer season and the Virgin Islands in the winter! She can do 18 knots. Unlikely however that you will be doing that chartering through the Virgin Islands unless you need to get around to all the islands in a day!
Christmas and New Years weeks-BVI – Up to 6 guests: US$ 35,550, all-inclusive in BVI OR $28,600.00 PLUS ALL in Bahamas.

Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss- Sunbathe all day!
Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss- Sunbathe all day!

60′ Catamaran Euphoria

Yacht Charter Adventure on one of the larger catamarans I visited at the May 2017 Virgin Islands Yacht show. Yacht Euphoria 60′ 2016 Sunreef Model accommodates 6 guests and is based in the Virgin Islands but can also charter St Martin and Antigua 🙂

NEW YEARS: 7 night minimum, full-board option only. 1-6 pax @ $34,000

More Info on 60′ Euphoria

Charter Adventure on Yacht Euphoria- 60' Sunreef Catamaran, 2016 model for up to 6 guests,
Charter Adventure on Yacht Euphoria- 60′ Sunreef Catamaran, 2016 model for up to 6 guests

58′ Catamaran Santa Ana

Another beautiful catamaran I visited recently at the 2017 Virgin Islands yacht show! This 2016 state of the art catamaran has a flybridge with seating and a 360 degree view, large trampoline areas and spacious aft deck plus a hydraulic swim platform which can be lowered for easy water access.

CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS: Full-board: 1-8 pax @ $32,000 with 7 night minimum. 

More Info on Santa Ana

Santa Ana Wave 58' Catamaran on the docks in the British Virgin Islands
Santa Ana Wave 58′ Catamaran on the docks in the British Virgin Islands

58′ Catamaran Yes Dear

Catamaran Crewed Charter Yes Dear accommodates up to 10 guests in the Virgin Islands in one King sized cabin and 4 queens. A popular charter yacht with a great price point for larger groups looking for a mid level vacation experience!

CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS: 1-10 pax @ $31,000. Christmas charter must end no later than Dec. 26th. 5N minimum for Christmas, 7N minimum for New Years.

More Info on Yacht Yes Dear

Catamaran Crewed Charter Yes Dear
Catamaran Crewed Charter Yes Dear

57′ Catamaran Aoibh

Aoibh is a 54′, 2014 Fountaine Pajot accommodating 8 guests in one master cabin and 3 VIP cabins all with en suite facilities. This is a great yacht for a Grenadines charter!

Yacht is pronounced EVE, based on an Irish Children’s fable! Twin boat to LIR. so perfect for tandem charters.

I love the fairy tail connections and soft muted colors on board the yacht.

They have SCUBA gear on board, they will do certified or DSD, casual, it is included in rates.

 Christmas and New Year 2018/19: 1-8 pax $27,500 7 night minimum.

More Info on Aoibh

Aoibh at the 2015 Antigua yacht show!
Aoibh at the 2015 Antigua yacht show!

56′ Catamaran Blue Moon

Blue Moon 56 can accommodate 6 guests in 3 queen staterooms, each with private head and shower. Beautiful fly-bridge lounge area, large cockpit and forward trampoline area offer many options for lounging.

The crew aboard Blue Moon will design and recommend an itinerary to meet the needs of their guests. There are no set times for anything and we are happy to travel at the pace of our guests.

The goal of the week is to relax and have fun!

CHRISTMAS / NEW YEARS: 1-6/$30,500 – 7 night minimum. 

Charter yacht Blue Moon 56
Charter yacht Blue Moon 56

56′ Catamaran Altesse

56′ catamaran is based in the Virgin Islands year round! Accommodates 8 in 4 identical spacious queen beds. Offers on board SCUBA and other fun activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, wake boarding and more!

Christmas / New Years:6 guests: US$30,000 and 7 or 8 guests: US$32,000

More Info on Altesse

Happy charter guests on Altesse!
Happy charter guests on Altesse!

55′ Catamaran Sayang 

Sayang is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS sailing yacht. She is air conditioned throughout and maintained in an immaculate condition for your maximum comfort and safety.

Sayang is operated by a skipper and a firstmate/hostess. The crew is multilingual (English, French, German and Italian), has professioal backgrounds ranging from marketing management to teaching music and has an ear for almost everything.

CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS: All-inclusive 1-6 pax $14,300, 7 night minimum. New Year’s start must be Dec. 27th or later. 

More Info on Yacht Sayang

Charter yacht Sayang in the Virgin Islands
Charter yacht Sayang in the Virgin Islands

52′ Catamaran Island Hoppin

ISLAND HOPPIN’ is a brand new 2018 Lagoon 520 and available for charter in the Virgin Islands.4 Queen Staterooms and 5th Bunk bed Stateroom. Normally Crew will take the bunks, unless requested at booking contract.

CHRISTMAS RATE 2018: $30,000
NEW YEARS RATE 2018-19: $33,000

More Info on Island Hoppin

island hoppin 2017 yacht show
island hoppin 2017 yacht show

52′ Catamaran Shangri La

Start your morning in a romantic secluded bay, dive in and snorkel the remarkable underwater world, have an exhilarating day sail, lay back and relax and enjoy your first class dinner together with a breathtaking sunset.

Guests are welcome to enjoy, relax and unwind on the spacious yacht, roomy enough to find privacy on the seating area of the foredecks, the large trampolines, the wide and open flybridge, but also for bigger groups to come together for al fresco dining in the wide and shady cockpit.

CHRISTMAS: 1-8 pax @ $27,500, 7 night minimum
NEW YEARS: 1-8 pax @ $30,000, 7 night minimum. New Years must start no earlier than 12/28.

More Info on Shangri La

Charter yacht Shangri La
Charter yacht Shangri La

51′ Catamaran Wildcat Too 

Wildcat Too is the first Leopard 51 available in the luxury charter yacht fleet and is the Flagship of the Leopard PowerCat line.

She is the ultimate all-inclusive Luxury Charter and has the ability to fill your week with the most wonderful experiences a charter yacht can offer. Dashing along the Caribbean Islands in tremendous luxury and with agile speed and style!

NEW YEAR’S RATE 2018-19: Flat rate of $26,000 All Inclusive

More Info on Wildcat Too

Wildcat Too in the Virgin Islands
Wildcat Too in the Virgin Islands

47′ Catamaran Pisces

Pisces is a 47′ Leopard Catamaran that specializes in fully customized luxury crewed charter vacations. She has a great history of facilitating fantastic charter in the US and British Virgin Islands. She boasts in performance quality sailing capability, while keeping her clients in ample style and comfort.

Catamaran Pisces offers fun activities such as snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and on board SCUBA with 3 Dives Included for Certified Divers and $25 per dive/per person after 3.

NEW YEAR’S FLAT RATE 2018-19: $19,000 (no child discounts apply for New Year’s)

More Info on Pisces

Charter Yacht Pisces
Charter Yacht Pisces

46′ Catamaran Starfish 

Starfish accommodates 6 guests in 3 cabins with ensuite bathrooms. She has plenty of toys on board. Kayak. Fishing gear. Each cabin comes with 2 light terry robes and a mesh bag (for hanging laundry. 2 Inflatable Stand Up paddle boards. 1 rigid hybrid kayak/paddleboard. Noodles. Noodle Chairs. 4 Floating Mats.

NEW YEARS 2017/2018: 1-6 guests $17,000, 7 night minimum, no T/A commission, no discounts apply and charter must start no earlier than 12/27/17.
.More Info on Starfish

Catamaran Starfish
Catamaran Starfish


Review of Amazing Grace yacht

Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Review! January 2018

The following is a review for a charter we booked for early January aboard 53′ Catamaran Amazing Grace! We have worked with this group many times before from our days of running Yacht promenade 🙂

Arriving on Amazing Grace!
Arriving on Amazing Grace!

Review From Guests Aboard Yacht Amazing Grace!

Before I dive in, I just need to thank Kerry at for making this trip possible. Post
Irma/Maria, Kerry kept me in the loop about our original boat and started a plan to make sure
we would have a yacht when we arrived for our charter on January 4, 2018. We had some
hiccups on our end with people dropping out, but in the end, we ended up with a spectacular
boat and a wonderful crew! Thank you again Kerry!

Recent review for 53' Amazing Grace
Recent review for 53′ Amazing Grace

For those of you who wish you could have come and those who were coming then decided not
to come along, you are missing an amazing trip.

Sure there are some scars from Irma. A roof or two are missing and palm trees need to be
replanted. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of damage that only years, lots of money and
hours of long hard work will bring the BVI back to what it was when we last sailed here two
years ago on Yacht Promenade. But my point is that while there is a lot of work to be done,
this place is still amazing and gorgeous! Irma made a mess, but wounds heal and the BVI is
accepting visitors.

Virgin Islands as beautiful as ever
Virgin Islands as beautiful as ever

When we arrived at STT, the airport looked just like it did every other time we’ve landed here. I
take that back, in some places it looked better! New paint and drywall, new tile and not nearly as
crowded. There were no steel drums playing in baggage claim, but the music was pumping
through the sound system and gave us the Caribbean vibe we are accustomed to when we
touch down on this breath taking paradise.

First stop, our hotel for the night before our charter began. Booking a room in St Thomas has
always been a crap shoot. On our first trip, the yacht broker had recommended a “popular”
hotel. Probably because of its price and proximity to the ferry docks, It wasn’t very good. Trip
2 we did a sleep aboard. This time, with limited choices, post Irma, we booked the Emerald
Beach Resort by the airport. I was quite leery and cautiously optimistic.

The reviews weren’t
wonderful, but we had zero options. The staff was absolutely wonderful. They called the week
before we arrived to confirm we were indeed coming. They told me they didn’t think the bar or
pool would be open yet, but they were trying. Some rooms might not have A/C, etc, etc. Full
disclosure! I can appreciate that.

Wonderful day at the beach

When we arrived the pool was open, the bar was open and
we got 2 rooms with A/C. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was NOT the Ritz (The Ritz was still
undergoing repairs). One of the rooms was rather dirty (I’ll never hear the end of that one) and
the people next to that room had a frat party all night. But my point was this, The Emerald
Beach was not a bad choice for 1 night before charter. I’d stay there again.

Day one, we arrived at Compass Point Marina to meet our crew and our floating oasis for the
next 9 days. A bit of destruction remains, but it’s looking pretty good. As we were waiting for our
Captain to pick us up and walk us to the yacht, we were chatting it up with a guy who, when told
what catamaran we had charted, said she was the best looking yacht in the marina! Made us
very happy! Shortly thereafter, Captain Mark sauntered up. Young and enthusiastic, we all
thought we had hit the jackpot!

Having a great time aboard Amazing Grace!
Having a great time aboard Amazing Grace!

We wandered over to the boat and without a hint of disappointment, we laid eyes on “Amazing
Grace.” What a beauty! She only arrived in the VI’s a couple months ago after a trans-Atlantic
crossing from South Africa.

We caught our first glance of Rachel, First Mate and Chef Extraordinaire! As they were on a 24
hour turnaround, she was busy making all the final preparations for our arrival. We were welcomed with a tasty little treat of Rum and….well who cares what she mixed it with, it was
rum and we were in the Virgin Islands… no further explanation needed!

Delicious meals aboard 53' Amazing Grace!
Delicious meals aboard 53′ Amazing Grace!

Loaded up and ready to set sail, we took in the utter beauty of the “Amazing Grace.” Only two
years old, she is shiny and new! The master suite is so spacious and inviting. I hit my head
only once all week… and that was the waters fault! All of the cabins had nice big beds and
ensuite showers and heads.

Having been to the Virgin Islands on four previous occasions in the last 18 years, I thought I had
seen a vast majority of the places one visits on a charter boat. I stand corrected! Mark and
Rachel had planned out a great itinerary, with a lot of flexibility built in. For our group, that’s a
must! We like to take each day as it comes.

We spent the first night in Francis Bay on St. Johns, and we did a little diving and snorkeling.
Rachel and Mark introduced us to the “sling-shot.” Loads of fun, unless you belly flop on your
way down.

Diving off Amazing grace yacht

Made our way to the customs building (which is really just a tent, post Irma) the next day, and
barring a little hiccup for showing up 5 minutes before 9:00 we got through pretty quickly, then
on our way to The Bight at Norman Island. As the Willy T is currently sitting on the shore, we
chose to eat and dance on the beach at the reopened restaurant at the Bight. Food was great,
atmosphere was jovial and a little dancing on the beach was the perfect way to end day two!

Dinner at the Bight, Norman Island
Dinner at the Bight, Norman Island

The next days took us Salt Island for a snorkel and scuba dive. Cooper Island for a quiet
evening on a mooring ball. It was pretty sad to see the bar, restaurant and buildings all beat up,
but we could hear the hammers banging away for their big grand opening in a few months.

The next day took us to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. Spent an lovely Sunday afternoon
drinking and eating at Coco Maya. The Cocktail of the Day was a Coconut Sour! Heaven on
earth! (I’ll be doing my best to recreate it when the snow melts at home and the temperatures
reach above freezing). The swells were huge that day so we couldn’t get into the baths by boat.
We cabbed it over and did the usual hike through the boulders.

Beautiful day at the Baths!
Beautiful day at the Baths!

When we got to Devils Bay the
waves were HUGE. Never seen it that rough before. All good though, fun times!
Spent the evening at Leverick Bay. Missed the Micheal Beans show by a night, but still had a
nice evening relaxing and soaking in the beauty!

The next morning we were up bright and early to sail out to Anegada. It’s always a “must visit”
on our list when we come down. We love to rent scooters and zip around the island. This year
we had planned to stay the night at the Anegada Beach Club, but the tents were still being
rebuild, so we unfortunately didn’t get to stay. We did take a little tour of the newly designed
beach tents. They are going to be amazing! Can’t wait to go back and stay soon.

Enjoying Anegada
Enjoying Anegada

As always, we hit up Big Bamboo at Loblolly. Always fun times and met some great people
from New York. Anegada wouldn’t be complete for us until we spend the afternoon at Cow
Wreck Beach. I could stay there all day! This year we actually had a good balance of food AND

Back to the boat for the night and their may have been an incident involving a stolen inflatable
Pink Flamingo from a near by boat, but the evidence was blown away.

Pink Flamingo Aboard Amazing Grace
Pink Flamingo Aboard Amazing Grace

Leaving Anegada is always a little sad. We really should plan for more time there but we were
heading to White Bay and the Soggy Dollar, so there was a little motivation to raise the sails and
get moving.

White Bay looked a little beat up, but Ivan’s was open and our beloved Soggy Dollar was
making Painkillers. The beach wasn’t very crowded and there were only 4 or 5 boats, but we
had a blast as always, and we have the t-shirts, hats and about a dozen white Painkiller cups to
prove it.

While our crew took the boat around to Great Harbour for the night, we took a hike over the
mountain to Foxy’s! A fun evening with the crew and back to the boat we went.

Night at Foxys
Night at Foxys

As the trip was winding down we spent one evening at Waterlemon Bay on St. John. As we
were pulling in I spotted the boat we had originally reserved for this trip. Up on shore and
banged up. Quite sad really. We saw boats upside down and washed ashore in most places
we went. The clean up has a long way to go. But the damage and debris never took away from
the beautiful beaches or the gorgeous water.

Sailing back to St. Thomas is always the low point of the trip. It signals the end of our relaxing
retreat to paradise. We have to say goodbye to our fantastic crew and start to wrap our head
around work and bitter cold when we step off the plan back home. But this year we fund a
renewed passion for spending our winters on the beaches and bays of the Virgin Islands. We
met several people who bought boats this year and put them into charter service which has us
narrowing our sights on the possibility of executing the “5 Yr Plan.” Maybe sooner than we

We left knowing we will be back soon. The Virgin Islands never disappoints!

Lounging off Amazing Grace
Lounging off Amazing Grace
Tasty meals aboard Amazing Grace
Tasty meals aboard Amazing Grace

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